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Graduate Event Registration Form

Event Registration Form Graduate Student Events

Any event sponsored by a Caltech organization or utilizing Caltech facilities (including such spaces as the Catalina Recreation Room, Beckman Mall, Dabney Lounge, etc.) and having one or more of the following must be registered:

  1. Alcohol will be served and underage students will be in attendance. 
  2. Institute funds (e.g. GSC dues) are used to fund the event and where the attendance will exceed 20 people. 
  3. The event will be publicized to non-Caltech people. 
  4. If you expect that there will be more than 45 people in attendance, you may be required to register your event (private parties included). Please consult with the Graduate Office x6348 to determine if your event needs to be registered.    

Your form will be automatically submitted to the Graduate Studies Office, Student Activities, and Security.


Advertising may not contain direct or indirect references to alcoholic beverages or drugs. Announcements or invitations for the event may include references to alcoholic beverages only if the following conditions are met: 

  1. The majority of the recipients can be reasonably assumed to be of legal drinking age. (For example, an announcement could be sent to faculty, graduate students, or undergraduate seniors, but not to the entire undergraduate student body). 
  2. The announcement/invitation will be distributed in a way that limits access to the intended recipients. (An announcement sent via e-mail to the members of a campus organization would be acceptable, while hanging posters across campus would not.)

Registration Form:

Professional bartenders are required at any event where alcohol is served and those under legal drinking age are present. Professional bartenders may also be required at the discretion of the Institute, if circumstances so require.

Bartenders requested:  (If you click yes, a bartender will be arranged for you. This may incur a cost, please check with the Graduate Studies Office for more details. The current rate for a bartender is $25/hour, with a 4 hour minimum. Organizations requesting a bartender will be responsible for submitting a check to the Graduate Studies Office prior to the event to pay for this expense. Official Graduate Student Council events are exempt from this cost). Contact the Graduate Office to confirm your bartenders

Security Arrangements:
Security should be notified of all registered events. If necessary, they may determine that security officers need be present at the event. If so, the sponsoring organization will pay the additional charges.