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Updated Campus Cart Guidelines Highlight Safe Operation and Driver Requirements


As many of us walk across Campus each day, we see a variety of carts delivering mail and packages, collecting hazardous waste, moving grounds crews and their tools, delivering meals for catering, escorting staff and visitors, and moving maintenance technicians and materials to their assigned task. These carts improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided to the Campus community and they need to operate safely to avoid potential personal injury or property damage.

The Guidelines for Campus Cart Usage were updated in July 2019 to enhance safe operation and driver requirements so that all cart operators are aware of potential hazards and driver responsibilities to prevent accidents that may occur while operating a cart in the course of their duties.

Employees are required to enroll in utility cart training prior to initial use on Campus. The utility carts are restricted to designated routes and times shown on the Campus Cart Map and should not operate in public streets, except for crossing at signaled or signed intersections, also shown on the Cart Map.

The Guidelines for Campus Cart Usage is located on the Human Resources website for Institute Policies at